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Parkview Psychological Services is a private mental health practice on the north side of Sioux City, in the Indian Hills Area. The building was constructed on an acre of land surrounded by mature evergreen and hardwood trees in a park-like setting. The interior d├ęcor is contemporary and the privacy of the practice is optimized. Each office has windows that look out on private grassy areas with trees. The architectural design of the building is also contemporary with an emphasis on large windows and natural light. There is a spacious sunroom used for family therapy and group sessions.

Parkview Psychological Services offers a broad range of psychological services which are provided by experienced Iowa licensed professional psychologists and mental health counselors. We have been serving the Sioux City metropolitan area for over 26 years. Our staff represent many areas of interest and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of adults, children and families. We have constructed this site to provide you with an overview of our practice, services, and staff. We understand that the choice of a psychotherapist is a highly personal one. We hope that the information we have provided helps you find the services you are looking for. We encourage you to become informed about what you may need and to consider what we can offer. Feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

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